My Business Life Cycle: How Innovation, Evolution, and Determination Made Paul Harris Great (Hardback)

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My Business Life Cycle
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

Paul Harris Stores did exactly what it was supposed to. It brought fashion, comfort, style, and functionality to millions of women in the Midwest. Paul Harris' run of 50 years is remarkable because so few retail stores make it that long and so few make it so big. His life and experiences tell readers much about U.S. culture, retail history, and a brand of entrepreneurship that appears to be making a comeback.

About the Author(s):

Gerald Paul was born in Germany. He emigrated from Europe to the United States in and started Paul Harris stores in 1954 in Indianapolis and grew the chain to 303 stores. He received an honorary Doctoral degree from Purdue University in 1998. Victoria Barrett's teaches writing at Ball State University and at The Writers' Center of Indiana. Her short stories have appeared in several publications.