Animal Control Management: A New Look at a Public Responsibility

Animal Control Management: A New Look at a Public Responsibility (Paperback)

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 Animal Control Management: A New Look at a Public Responsibility
Purdue University Press
6.00" x 9.00"

Book Description

This book is the first of its kind to discuss in detail the actual management of local animal control programs as opposed to the care of the animals. The book covers those financial, personnel, legal, health, and safety issues that animal control directors and management staff need to know in providing direction and oversight of animal control programs.


Chapters examine selected topics in which the author assesses the strengths and weaknesses, offers new insights and strategies for managing more effectively. For example, the two chapters on contracting discuss the steps in the process, strategies, and suggested provisions in the written agreement to make the program more effective. The animal law chapters explain the basis for the laws, but also highlight those provisions that if enacted into law, can strengthen enforcement options. The chapter on budget and revenues explains funding variations among programs and how local officials have been creative in financing these programs.


Subjects addressed in this book include many recently recognized as vital to the management of animal control programs. They include: need for Web sites, use of program evaluations, and the value of forms, records and reports. In addition, the author discusses and assesses from a new perspective: interacting with the public and the media, liability issues, wildlife problems, and the politics of animal control.


Book Reviews

Journal of Applied Animal Welfare Science, Vol. 14:265-267, 2011


". . .in many ways, this is a very useful book. It has a lot of solid grounding on how to manage the situations that arise when animals and people are in conflict."

About the Author(s):

Stephen Aronson has more than twenty years experience in oversight and contracting for local animal control services.