Conflicts and Conciliations : The Evolution of Galdos's "Fortunata y Jacinta"

Conflicts and Conciliations : The Evolution of Galdos's "Fortunata y Jacinta" (ePDF)

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Conflicts and Conciliations : The Evolution of Galdos's "Fortunata y Jacinta"
Purdue University Press

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In this book the author gets to the very core of what makes a successful and dynamic enterprise. Building upon his earlier work, The Ascendant Organization, and slaying a number of business fads and sacred cows along the way, he shows how to energize the enterprise in key areas such as leadership, teamwork, and innovation. With the use of many examples and cases and building upon considerable experience he shows the way forward for companies to achieve a sense of purpose and to energize their organizations. If you are tired of the latest business fad, then this will be the book for you.

About the Author(s):

Professor Emeritus of Hispanic Studies, B.A., M.A. (King's College, University of London) Professor Ribbans was educated in his homeland of England and subsequently taught in Belfast, St. Andrews, Scotland, and Sheffield, until he became head of the Department of Hispanic Studies at the University of Liverpool in 1963. After serving as the Editor of the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Director of the Centre of Latin American Studies, and Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Liverpool, Professor Ribbans joined the Department of Hispanic [and Italian] Studies at Brown as William R. Kenan, Jr. University Professor in 1978; chairman, 1981-84. A renowned scholar of Galdos and the Generation of 1898, he is the author of Niebla y soledad: aspectos de Unamuno y Machado, Benito Perez Galdos: "Fortunata y Jacinta", History and Fiction in Galdos's Narratives, and Conflicts and Conciliations: The Evolution of Galdos's "Fortunata y Jacinta," as well as two critical editions of collections of poetry by Antonio Machado, and numerous articles and other contributions (some 120) on Spanish and Catalan literature, from Golden Age to contemporary. Geoffrey Ribbans has been invited to lecture in over a dozen countries, including such prestigious lectures as the Fordham Cervantes Lecture, the E. Allison Peers Lecture (twice) at Liverpool, the Ivy McClelland Lecture at Glasgow, and the Raimundo Lida Memorial Lecture at Harvard. He is currently on the editorial boards of over a half dozen book series and journals, including the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, Anales Galdosianos, La Torre, and Catalan Review. Professor Ribbans's enormous contribution to the field of Spanish literature was recognized by a special homage volume, Hispanic Studies in Honour of Geoffrey Ribbans, published by the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies (1992); by the award of the Conference prize for excellence in Galdos Studies (Las Palmas, 1997); by the Encomienda de la Orden de Isabel la Catolica (1997); and by the Symposium on Modernism and Modernity held at Brown in his honor in September 1998. Though he became Emeritus in 1999, Professor Ribbans remains actively involved with the department and its students through the Research Council that he has founded