Faust Adaptations from Marlowe to Aboudoma and Markland

Faust Adaptations from Marlowe to Aboudoma and Markland (ePub)

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 Faust Adaptations from Marlowe to Aboudoma and Markland
Purdue University Press

Book Description

Faust Adaptations, edited and introduced by Lorna Fitzsimmons, takes a comparative cultural studies approach to the ubiquitous legend of Faust and his infernal dealings. Including readings of English, German, Dutch, and Egyptian adaptations ranging from the early modern period to the contemporary moment, this collection emphasizes the interdisciplinary and transcultural tenets of comparative cultural studies. Authors variously analyze the Faustian theme in contexts such as subjectivity, genre, politics, and identity. Chapters focus on the work of Christopher Marlowe, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Adelbert von Chamisso, Lord Byron, Heinrich Heine, Thomas Mann, D. J. Enright, Konrad Boehmer, Mahmoud Aboudoma, Bridge Markland, Andreas Gössling, and Uschi Flacke. Contributors include Frederick Burwick, Christa Knellwolf King, Ehrhard Bahr, Konrad Boehmer, and David G. John. Faust Adaptations demonstrates the enduring meaningfulness of the Faust concept across borders, genres, languages, nations, cultures, and eras. This collection presents innovative approaches to understanding the mediated, translated, and adapted figure of Faust through both culturally specific inquiry and timeless questions.

About the Editor(s):

Lorna Fitzsimmons is a professor of humanities at California State University, Dominguez Hills. She is the editor of Goethe’s Faust and Cultural Memory: Comparatist Interfaces (2012); International Faust Studies: Adaptation, Reception, Translation (2008); Lives of Faust: The Faust Theme in Literature and Music: A Reader (2008); and The Oxford Handbook of Faust in Music (co-edited with Charles McKnight, Zoltan Roman, and Jonathan Kregor, forthcoming).